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Address: Russia, Stavropol

street Morozova, 104 a

The plant began it’s  operation in 1953 and today the company is one of the largest manufacturers of food products in the  South part of Russia and among of  the top three companies in the industry  of the Stavropol region.
The large assortment is  represented by more than 130 types of  milk and dairy products. Only carefully selected  best raw materials are used in the production .

The quality of our products  is achieved through the application of new technologies, high-performance  technological and packaging equipment, environmentally friendly raw  materials supplied by leading domestic and foreign manufacturers as well as professional staff.

Production of the plant repeatedly awarded on different regional and Russian competitions. The plant has become a recognized leader in quality with  "Peasant" butter since the year of 1999. The  product had been  awarded with  the Ruby, Sapphire and Pearl crosses  as the signs of social prestige established by the Governor of Stavropol Region. Butter "Buddenovskoye" firmly won the regional and federal markets.

Plant proudly bears the "Leader of the Stavropol quality ' title   and  “Quality of Stavropol Excellence”.  Products  included in the list of honorary"100 best goods of Russia" established by the  Government of Stavropol region



Партнерские программы составляются с учетом особенностей каждого отдельного оптового и розничного покупателя или торговой сети.

Преимущества и выгоды работы с нами:

- Разнообразные виды оплаты и поддержки партнеров;

- Гибкая система скидок и платежей;

- Возможности обеспечить необходимые объемы поставок продукции;

- Полная информационная поддержка;

- Быстрая и своевременная доставка продукции к торговым точкам;

- Возможность участия в совместных программах;

- Оперативная связь и быстрое реагирование на запросы партнеров.



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